Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

Members of the natural rubber supply chain and civil society are forming a Sustainable Natural Rubber Platform to address the growing issues arising around the natural rubber supply chain.

The formation of the platform is being led by the Tire Industry Project (TIP), a proactive organization made up of 11 leading tire companies and operating under the umbrella of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). TIP is forming the platform in collaboration with other members of the value chain, including natural rubber producers and car makers, and members of civil society, including environmental and social non-governmental organizations.

BCSD Singapore, an independent affiliate of WBCSD, is the host organization for the start-up phase of the platform.

Building on existing efforts, the intent of the platform is to serve as a forum to address sustainability issues around the production of natural rubber and develop standards and processes to bring sustainable natural rubber closer to reality.

Issues raised in the context of natural rubber production are similar to those of other agricultural commodities (palm, coffee, cocoa) and include, but are not limited to, deforestation, labor practices, and land rights.