Safe Water Gardens

Applied research project
The Issue: traditional sewage and wastewater treatment facilities are uneconomical in rural areas. As a consequence, wastewater from toilets reaches the groundwater untreated, people get sick or even die from drinking contaminated water collected at the well, and people spend a high proportion of their income on bottled drinking water.
Our Solution: Based on a solution compiled by GTZ in cooperation with Oxfam, IFRC and UNICEF developed for the aftermath of the tsunami in Banda Aceh, our team is building 50 individual, on-site wastewater treatment systems in Bintan (Indonesia). Purpose is to test and optimise cost and performance to scale up the solution in villages that do not have wastewater treatment facilities.
Initiated by LooLa Adventure Group and supported by BCSD Singapore, WBCSD and Member companies, this project is now co-funded by the Dutch Government to support a team of researchers from Universities in The Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia.

If you wish to contribute to the project of know more, download the project brief Here or contact BCSD Singapore directly.