WBCSD joins the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Geneva, 24 Sept. 14 – Together with more than 20 governments, 30 organizations and companies, WBCSD joined the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture, a voluntary coalition of a broad range of stakeholders that aim to help governments, farmers, scientists, businesses, and civil society, as well as regional unions and international organizations, to improve food security and nutrition by incorporating climate-smart approaches into agriculture of all types and all scales. The Global Alliance was launched on September 23, 2014 during the UN Climate Summit in New York. Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) promotes production systems that sustainably increase productivity, improve agricultural systems’ resilience (adaptation), reduce greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation), and enhance achievement of national food security and development goals. It was identified by WBCSD members as a key solution that companies should collectively work on. A work program is currently being developed by a core group of companies committed to making a difference by contributing to scaling up implementation of CSA practices.  Options of work currently considered include strengthening the business case for action on CSA, identifying a set of CSA indicators to measure progress, working on policy advocacy at a national level, as well as catalyzing collaborative action in priority geographies and on specific crops.